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NHL Game Day Widgets NHL Game Day 

NHL Game Day Widgets

Maximize audience engagement and grow ad revenue by taking your hockey coverage to the next level with interactive widgets from The Canadian Press that feature real-time scores, stats and news in a compelling visual presentation. Our responsive NHL Game Day widgets seamlessly integrate with your site and stay up-to-date throughout the regular season and playoffs (October 2016 to June 2017). For media clients, this provides your sponsors long-term ad space that attracts highly engaged repeat users. For brands that are activating campaigns targeting hockey fans, this adds a dynamic, interactive element that keeps audiences coming back again and again to your branded content experience.
Each widget showcases one of the seven Canadian NHL teams and includes the following responsive, plug-and-play elements that work well together, but can also be moved around as separate modules:

1) Tale of the Tape


The Tale of the Tape interactive feature offers same-day previews for the seven Canadian NHL teams (additional teams available with customization).

The graphic automatically updates in real time to show the Canadian team’s official NHL stats against the team they are playing next, including cumulative data for the season up until present day on games played, record for wins, losses and overtime losses, total goals and more.

  • The graphic showcases stunning player portraits and action photos from The Canadian Press and AP.


  • The Canadian Press regularly monitors the data for accuracy and stays on top of player injuries and trades, for example, to ensure all player images are up-to-date.


  • Available in English or French, the graphic is responsive and hosted by The Canadian Press, making it fast and easy for you to set up and maintain via an embed code.


  • Customize your package by setting up a standalone page with all graphics for the seven teams and/or embed each team’s graphic alongside relevant articles and team pages for maximum impact.


  • Beyond the regular season, the graphic will cover playoff teams, regardless of whether they are Canadian.


2) Team Stories


Tale of the Tape subscribers also receive a Canadian Press news article covering the team, when available (e.g. trade news, news about players returning from injuries and other stories that may surface from our reporters attending the team’s practice before the game). During the playoffs, coverage may include a feature on the Top 5 Players to Watch and preview articles before each round with predictions on who will win and in how many games.


3) Live Scoreboard


The live scoreboard is available in English for each of the seven Canadian NHL teams and automatically updates in real time during the game, showing goals scored in each period. Beyond the regular season, the scoreboard will cover playoff teams, regardless of whether they are Canadian.





4) Players Trending on Twitter


Which player is generating the most buzz online? Available in English or French for each of the seven Canadian NHL teams, this graphic features photos of the team’s players trending on Twitter in terms of current, average and total number of mentions in the past hour, today and this week. Beyond the regular season, the graphic will cover playoff teams, regardless of whether they are Canadian.







Responsive for a great user experience on all platforms


All plug-and-play elements of the NHL Game Day widgets are desktop and mobile friendly.