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Produce unforgettable videos on budget and on time

Why PR pros and marketers choose us to help increase engagement and media coverage

Communications professionals who have relied on the commercial photography services of The Canadian Press for more than 35 years also turn to our custom video team when they need a partner that knows how to cut through the clutter to improve recall, inspire action and increase engagement.

Our video producers will share ideas and tips for your next story:
  • Product launch or demo video
  • Press conference or interview
  • Community or charity event
  • Grand opening or tour video
  • Announcement, acquisition, funding celebration or milestone
  • Awards gala, trade show, festival
  • Training, explainer or how-to
  • Branded content marketing video, social teaser and more...

Storytelling expertise

Through our journalistic lens, we understand what audiences want to watch, connect with and share. We produce captivating narratives that draw an audience in. Trust our editorial expertise to capture your story’s heart and produce content that leaves a lasting impression.

First-rate customer service & reliability

We have a reputation for consistently going above and beyond expectations, producing high-quality content that meets tight deadlines and budgets. It’s often the first reason given for why our clients work with us again and again.

Complete suite of video services

  • Planning & project management (e.g. casting, scouting locations, securing studios, permits, props)
  • Creating storyboards & scripts
  • Filming (70+ videographers)
  • Editing & post-production
  • Distributing video to the media

One-stop, long-term partner

Our clients choose us for peace of mind and to have a versatile partner that meets all their content needs:

  • Video, photos, articles, graphics
  • Local, national and global reach
  • Simple to complex projects with multiple locations and languages

Ready to engage, excite, and evoke emotion with video?
Let's talk about your video needs! By booking a call with us, you'll also get a free bonus.

Storytelling is in our DNA

We are Canada’s national news agency with 100 years of journalistic excellence. Our commercial services and our freelance videographers, photographers, writers and designers continue to uphold the high standards our clients expect from The Canadian Press.
We create and curate custom text, photos, videos & graphics.

The Canadian Press is Canada's most trusted news source and the leader in providing real-time, bilingual multimedia stories across print, broadcast, and digital platforms. We license and produce text and photos, graphics, videos, and audio clips for radio, TV newscasts, newspapers, websites, social media channels, mobile apps, digital signage screens and corporate platforms.

Whether it’s our editorial staff reporting stories for our news operations or our commercial content team producing articles, photos, videos and graphics for our clients, we share a fundamental belief that the most powerful stories go beyond self-promotion and products and get to the heart of people and their passions.

  • Custom Videos

    73% of companies that use video report positive results to their ROI. (Source: Survey conducted by ReelSEO)

  • Custom Photos

    Including a photo and a video in a press release increases views by over 45%. (Source: PR Newswire)

  • Custom Text

    42% of companies say they struggle to produce engaging content. (Source: LinkedIn Tech Marketing Community)

  • Custom Graphics

    Infographics are shared and liked 300% more than other visual materials. (Source: Massplanner)

Examples of our video work
Use the power of video to tell authentic stories and humanize your brand

From small to large organizations, associations, not-for-profits and government organizations to brands, corporations and agencies, we have experience working with all types of clients. The objectives and industries vary, but inherent in all the video content we produce is our ability to tell stories your audience wants to experience.
From start to finish, from project management to post-production, we'll capture the best footage and create video that's on brand, on brief and on time. Need us to edit footage you already have? We do that too! Your video will be unique and tailored to your needs, but the examples below give you an idea of some of our work.

Uploaded image


Barbie @ TIFF
Uploaded image


TO2015 Torch Relay
Uploaded image


Allstate All Play
Uploaded image


Journalists for Human Rights
Uploaded image


Magazine showcase (Animation)
Uploaded image


Uploaded image


Uploaded image


TOPPS & NFL (via our partner AP)

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